Thank you for visiting Dolcetto French Bulldogs! Located on Long Island, New York, I am a hobbyist owner and exhibitor of French Bulldogs. I was first introduced into this incredibly fun, goofy, and loving breed in 2013, and have since divulged head first into the world of dogs. Coming from a professional animal background, my dogs health, care, and well being is on the top of my priority list.

Interested in learning more about the French Bulldog? Please enjoy my website, and contact me with any questions or inquiries.


Dolcetto Breeds To Standard

Blue isn't "rare".  Its a disqualification.

Dolcetto is proud to own, show, and breed dogs which are to our breed standard.  As per the French Bulldog Club Of America, acceptable colors: All brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any color except those which constitute disqualification. All colors are acceptable with the exception of solid black, mouse (blue), liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black, which are disqualifications. Black means black without a trace of brindle.  Learn more.

Applications of individuals looking for fad colors will be deleted.